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Hans Johan


Hans Enger is an international expert for Norwegian stamps and covers, and with knowledge about stamps world wide, and with specialized knowledge about stamps from a wide range og countries.

Engers Stamp Expertization

- Frimere ekspertise - Frimerke attestasjon - Frimerke taksering

From 1.3.-18.4. I can't perform expertise and take on assignments. I'm not available by phone either,

but I have access to my mail and will answer incoming mail as usual.



Valuations for insurance purposes, loss caused by fire and damage, valuations for inheritance purposes, valuations for auctions etc of all types of stamps and covers, both Norwegian and foreign, and gives advise and help to collectors and others.



Classifications according to the Norway Catalouge;- price
NOK 6,- per item, however, minimum NOK 100 per sending.

Identification of engraving types in the 20mm issue, -NOK 20,- per item.
For other issues and plate positions etc. and difficult watermarks, -NOK 30,- per item
Genuine cancels on war stamps, Queen Maud and King Haakon 1937 are signed for 4% of the Norw.Dealers' price list, but minimum
NOK 6,- per item

Postage and insurance of the return sending will be added. For cheap items I may use normal mail on your risk authorized by you in writing. 

Value insured mail through Norway Post (maximum insuranse NOK 40 000,-)

Postage NOK 515,- +NOK 17 per 1000,- +weight postage for the letter + sealing tape;- (minimum cost NOK 425,-)


This letter is a dangerous forgery.

Maybe you also have something which needs a certificate


Examples of forged cancellations.

Authorized by the Norwegian Philatelic Society and by the German BPP expert organization.

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