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Hans Johan


About me

International expert for Norwegian stamps and covers. Authorized both by the Norwegian Philatelic Society and by the German BPP expert organization. 

Extensive knowledge about stamps world wide, and with specialized knowledge about stamps from a wide range of countries. Speaks and writes English and German, reads French and Dutch.

Hans J. Enger gives valuations for insurance purposes, loss caused by fire and damage, valuations for inheritance purposes, valuations for auctions etc of stamps and covers, both Norwegian and foreign, and gives advice and help to collectors and others.

Hans J. Enger.jpg

World rarity with photo certificate from Hans J. Enger

This cover was sent with "D/S Bergen" to Germany on the trip where the ship collided with D/S Norway" in Kristiansand harbour and sank.
It has always been believed that all mail went down with the ship, until thorough research by H.J. Enger revealed that a post bag was found floating and sent off the next day, and that this must be the reason for the technical findings on the cover and that the arrival date was one day behind schedule.

Havaribrev med DS Norge.jpg
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